Roshan Subudhi

November 24, 2011 § 4 Comments

Hey Netizen, Welcome to my personal space.


Leaning Tower of Pisa

It’s a pleasure that you have come to visit my real estate on the web. Since you are here, why not get to know me better.

Basically, I am a lad from South India, a land of rich cultural diversity and tradition. I hail from the Pearl City of Hyderabad, and live in the IT hub neighborhood of Hitec City. Hyderabad is a wondeful place for people around the globe as the climate is moderate and the variety of cuisines available cater to the gustatory needs of each and every individual. The amicable nature of people here makes life all the more livable.

Though born in a village in Orissa, my studies and my father’s expatriate job allowed me to visit various places within India and abroad. From the panoramic view of Masai Mara in Kenya, to the dry savannah lands of Zambia, I also got to enjoy the clean streets of Zimbabwe. Studying in these countries at a young age allowed me to understand the demographic variations of people in these locations. My summer intern-ship, at ABB, in Germany helped me explore the rich culture and diverse heritage of central Europe. And it was an experience I would definitely not forget!

As I did not stick to one place during my childhood, friends I had but a few. My hobbies moved on from collecting stamps and coins,cross-country cycling, watching TV, swimming and reading books to playing table tennis, keeping fit (really trying to), computer games, watching movies, surfing the net and driving- bike or car. Long drives (in the car), I love, but cycling short distances on my bike is also worth every moment. Of late, I’ve been really hooked up to Dragon Boating and taking my Sportster Iron for a spin.

Currently, I am a Software Development engineer with Nike Inc. in Portland, Oregon. After working with Elavon as a Software Developer in Atlanta, Georgia, I moved coast-to-coast to get closer to family. I pursued my Masters in Computer Science at The University of South Carolina in Columbia . Before entering the US, I attended a semester in B.I.T.S., Pilani on a course specializing in Software Systems. Post under-graduation, I worked for an MNC named Infosys for 2 years, which also took me places within India. My job roused the intellectual aspect in me and so moved back into the field of learning.

More about myself, I am a fun loving person who believes in fate (though not a fatalist). Though I take time to settle in new crowds and places, once acclimatized, no one can stop me. Adventure, within sanity, is my motto. Take life as it comes, with out much thought for the future, as I believe the present is a ‘present’. Though I am impulsive at times, I feel I am not wrong when I say that patience is my virtue and hardwork, my forte.

And yes, I owe my family a great big deal for whatever I am today!!!